Frequently asked Questions

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Who is The Solo Cruise Company tailored for?

As the name implies, The Solo Cruise Company is exclusively for solo travellers seeking an extraordinary trip aboard a luxury cruise. Our fully hosted travel, on the other hand, is exclusively for mature solo travelling women aged 55+.

What sets The Solo Cruise Company apart from other cruise agents?

We stand out for our exclusive focus on solo travellers, personalised service, carefully crafted itineraries, and a seamless blend of luxury and discovery.

What destinations do you offer for your luxury cruise expeditions?

We offer a variety of luxury cruise expeditions to diverse destinations such as Antarctica, the Arctic, Africa, South America, and many more, allowing solo travellers to explore captivating locations worldwide. Check out our journey pages for the complete list of all our destinations.

How can I book with The Solo Cruise Company?

Booking with us is easy. Simply contact us using our contact form or phone number and our dedicated team will be ready & waiting to answer your questions, discuss your preferences and secure your reservation.

Are there any solo traveller requirements, such as age, experience, or mobility levels?

Our fully hosted journeys are exclusively for women 55+ years old. However, we also have featured journeys available for solo travellers of all ages and genders. There are no experience requirements for our trips, but we do require certain levels of mobility. Our team will happily discuss all aspects of our journeys with you to ensure you are completely comfortable with our travel requirements.

What is a solo supplement?

A solo supplement is an additional fee charged by cruise lines and land operators to solo travellers, to cover the cost of single occupancy in a a stateroom on a cruise ship or a room in a hotel.

Do I have to pay a solo supplement for my cruise?

Typically, yes but we always aim to secure a 0% single supplement wherever we can. Solo supplements are usually set by cruise lines and are based on the cost of the stateroom or cabin. However, we work diligently to secure favourable rates and minimise these supplements for our solo travellers. If there is a single supplement applicable to the journey you choose, we ensure it will never exceed 25% of the per person, double occupancy cruise fare.

Are there pre-cruise and post-cruise accommodations included?

Our Fully Hosted Journeys always include carefully curated pre and/or post cruise unique itineraries that include luxury accommodation and unique discovery experiences. Our Featured Journeys may include pre and/or post cruise activities and accommodations, but that depends on the trip itinerary and cruise line. These arrangements are generally offered at an additional cost.

How do you ensure the safety and well-being of your travellers?

Safety is our top priority. We implement rigorous safety measures, work with trusted partners, and provide expert guidance to ensure the well-being of all our solo travellers.

What's included in the price of a Solo Cruise Company cruise?

Our prices typically include accommodations, meals, guided excursions, and various amenities. Check specific itineraries for detailed inclusions.

What measures are in place to address unexpected situations or emergencies during the journey?

We have comprehensive contingency plans, and our team is trained to handle unexpected situations or emergencies promptly and effectively. Emergency medical care (and more general care) is available on all our cruise itineraries and is provided by the on-board medical centre.

Are luxury cruises worth the money?

Absolutely. Our luxury cruises include all accommodations, gratuities, gourmet meals, unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages wines, champagne & cocktails, Wi-Fi and onboard activities along with unparalleled experiences, personalised service, and the opportunity to explore the world in luxury and comfort.

What is the group size like on your expeditions?

Group sizes vary, providing a balance between shared experiences and individual exploration. Our minimum group size on Fully Hosted Journeys is generally 10 guests with a maximum of 16-18 guests.

Do you offer any special events or activities onboard?

For our Fully Hosted Journeys, our hosts curate special events and activities onboard to enhance the overall experience for our travellers. For our Featured Journeys, there are always activities and events on board, but they will not be curated directly by us.

What kind of pace can I expect on a Solo Cruise Company journey?

Our journeys offer a balanced pace, allowing a balance between relaxation (after all, you will be on some of the most beautiful small luxury cruise ships on the ocean) and exploration & discovery to suit the preferences of our travellers.

How much flexibility is there in the itinerary?

Our itineraries are thoughtfully designed, but we aim to provide flexibility to accommodate individual preferences and spontaneous experiences.

What consumer financial protection do you provide for your clients?

All travel arrangements made through The Solo Cruise Company are financially protected globally under the Swiss Travel Security (STS) scheme. The STS licence number is 302785. In the event that The Solo Cruise Company/ASW Travel AG cease to operate, any and all funds paid to us for your reservation are covered and refunded to you under the STS scheme. All clients, irrespective of where in the world you may reside, are covered by the STS scheme.

Do I need personal travel insurance?

Yes, we require all clients to hold a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers full medical services & expenses and repatriation expenses (if necessary) to your home country, trip cancellation, delays, luggage, personal items and any high-end equipment (such as cameras, video recording equipment, laptops, iPads etc) as well as any other general travel coverage. Whilst The Solo Cruise Company does not sell insurance, our team is able to advise you on a selection of travel insurance organisations that feature comprehensive travel policies. It is important to note that most insurance companies have special insurance provisions for cruise companies and therefore your insurance must cover cruise travel.

What should I bring on my trip?

A detailed packing list will be provided upon booking, ensuring you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

What information/materials will I receive after I book?

After booking, you will receive detailed information about your itinerary, travel arrangements, and any necessary preparations for your journey. Around 21 days prior to your departure, you will receive your final journey documentation. All documentation is delivered electronically.

When am I charged?

Charges are typically processed according to our payment schedule, which will be communicated during the booking process. However, all bookings require a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, with final payment due between 90-150 days prior to departure depending on your itinerary. Further detailed information can also be found in our Terms & Conditions, which is reachable through the link at the bottom of the page.

Does The Solo Cruise Company book airfare?

Airfare is not included in our packages, but if you would like us to book your airfare, please mention it to our team and we would be more than happy to assist.

Do I have to create my own itinerary or book activities?

No, our expert team will curate the itinerary and book activities to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for our travellers.

Can I bring a service animal on my trip?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate service animals of any kind, on any of either our Fully Hosted or Featured Journeys.

What is the address of The Solo Cruise Company?

The Solo Cruise Company is based in Zurich, Switzerland within the offices of ASMALLWORLD AG & ASW Travel AG:
The Solo Cruise Company/ASW Travel AG
Seidengasse 20
Zurich, 8001

There is also a satellite operations office in Hastings, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 1424 445546